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Is my passion and boundless love for cats that have led me to turn my house into a real “Cat Suite Hotel”, where each cat will have a wonderful “Cat Suite Home”. cat royal houses with all amenities (scrapers, sand closet door, bowls, kennel, toys and cameras). Thanks to “Cat Suite Home”, which creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, your cat will feel safe and will not suffer the stress of environmental change, especially in the early days. Your cat will also have access to a large terrace of 21 fully protected and very calm square meters, which will make its fun freely. There will also be scratching pole, sandbox, delicious “Cat suite Home”, the plants where they can hide, toys, etc … You think you can, no problem dejarno your cat totally trust us and have serenity and confidence in their cat is under loving care, it will be a pleasure for me and for him!.


Cat care in my home with “Cat Suite Home” reserved

( Willingness to take the cat to the vet ).


email info@catsuitehome.es
Phone +34 649 541 555
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email info@catsuitehome.es
Teléfono +34 649 541 555
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