How started “Cat Suite Home”?

218fa54275e0e31c37b4e5091d9112ba_XLIt all started in Italy with a no, what leaves you with very little hope. You want to have a cat?

Have it but do not think calmly tell us when want to make a weekend out or go on vacation! Parents you ever imposed this harsh and cruel decision.

It took more than ten years since then, until the day came when I had like an illumination. She wanted with all my soul and more than anything else in the world, a cat! They never mind the possible organizational problems. They were days of searching for Felina cologne and internet ads. Until, one day, I read this announcement: “Frigna must not die!” A small European cat 3 years, abandoned for two years in a feline colony. When I went the first time to see her in that place with Manuela, voluntary, it was a crush.

It is perpetuating a crush daily with sweet and enveloping thought I know, that will last forever. Only those who love a cat knows of what I speak ……….. I want all people who want to take care of a cat not let through the years, as I did.

I want you to have the comfort of choosing to adopt a kitten knowing that at any moment they can count on a friendly person who will take care as if it were their own.

It is in this spirit that I decided to create the website “Cat Suite Home”, because I wish all them cats could also have their “home sweet home”. And it is with the same infinite passion and all the love I have for the cats I want to take care this web, thanks also naturally to you and to your advice!

Cat Suite Home Spain

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